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Out of Your Hands? is brought to you by Mobile Industry Crime Action Forum (MICAF), the Home Office and the National Mobile Phone Unit, to educate young people aged 7 to 16 on the responsible way to own, operate and safeguard your mobile phone.

The challenge for most young people with mobile phones is how to balance their need to carry a phone for personal safety and social reasons vs. the threat of mobile phone crime and cyberbullying.

One in five children aged 8 to 16 has had their mobile phone stolen, often by another child or group of children.
Office for National Statistics

6% of children aged 10 to 15 – reported unwanted and nasty emails or texts, or abusive posting on a website.
British Crime Survey 2011

This website aims to offer a solution by educating young people about responsible mobile usage, prompting them to consider the impact of mobile phone crime, through a range of PSHE, Citizenship, Literacy and ICT curricula linked resources that are available FREE to download from our teacher’s area.

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